Friday, April 13, 2018

Open Beta for Ability and Equipment Shuffles!

TLS v1.11 is coming soon, and its beta is already here!  For the impatient among you, here's a link:

The two big features of v1.11 are shuffles for a character's ability set and their equipment sets.  These are independent of each other, and you can use one, the other, both, or neither.

The Equipment shuffle is communicated to the player via the character's "job" title.  For example, in the X menu, the game usually lists that Palom is a "Bl.Wiz".  With the equipment shuffle on, if you see his title has become "YCaller", that means he can equip stuff as if he is young Rydia - this includes Staves and the Tiara, but not the Strength Ring that adult Rydia can use.

The Ability shuffle transfers whole ability sets at once.  So, if your Dark Knight Cecil has Tellah's abilities, he will have Tellah's White and Black magic lists (which will expand at Ordeals), as well as Recall and a fixed 90 MP.

Adult and Child Rydia are considered to be completely separate for the purposes of the shuffle.  If a particular Rydia will age, she may start with MP as a child if her adult form will need it.  Also, because equipment is retained when characters leave and rejoin the team in TLS, an aging Rydia may come back with equipment on her which she normally cannot use.  (This does artificially create some strange but interesting game decisions; if you think this is a bad thing, speak up!)

Another feature in TLS v1.11 is that Dartable equipment will now appear as if it was a lower value item if the proper users are not present, but the character with the Dart command (no longer necessarily Edge) is present in the party.

If you use the Beta, please give me feedback (at the TLS Discord or here or in my Twitch chat are all fine) whenever you see something that doesn't feel right.  If you think something is wrong, it either means you found a bug or that a decision I made for a corner case scenario may need to be reconsidered.

Have fun,

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