Monday, November 27, 2017

Currrent intended Lunarian Shuffle v1.08 feature list

Here are the things I'm currently planning to add to The Lunarian Shuffle's next major release:
  • Golbez as a playable character
    • Dark Knight / Black Mage hybrid; low damage, high durability.
    • The villain will be randomly replaced with one of the player characters.
    • Need to figure out how to handle black magic; I'm out of spell learning list slots.
  • Bugfix to the Dark Wave attack so it works properly at higher levels.
    • At present, the random portion of its damage is limited to a 1-byte variable, shorting the player up to 60% of the intended damage.
  • The Paladin Cecil replacement joins at level 5, not 1, if Normal mode is active.
  • Duplicate characters beyond the first will be renamed.
    • Not sure whether to use combined names (like FuRoSa) or references to other similar characters (like Celes).
  • Inclusion of the Assassin Dagger as an obtainable weapon.
    • This weapon gives physical stats at the expense of magic, and can inflict instant death.
    • It is in the game code, but is not normally obtainable, just like the Hand Axe.
I'm also looking at the summoned monster sidequests as perhaps needing tuned up, but I'm not sure what can be both clearly communicated to the player and thematically appropriate.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Version 1.07 complete!

My test run yesterday found only one glitch, which was easy to fix.  With that bug squished, version 1.07 is live!  As always for a major release, check occasionally for minor updates should I discover something is broken.

In addition to the big changes mentioned in my previous post, this version also slightly widens the level range for random spell learning levels from +/-5 to +/-6, and there is a publicly posted version of the character tracker that allows duplicate characters.

My decision regarding Tellah's early game black magic randomization was to randomly select one of the three level 2 elemental spells to include in the list.  This keeps the odds of having one low rather than nearly guaranteed.  Hard Mode removes this possibility.

Get all these new features at the usual location: