Sunday, December 16, 2018

New minor feature addition plus bugfixes: v1.125 is live!

Hello, TLS fans!

I've released another minor update to the randomizer.  The "Y to Run" feature is now always on, since nobody to my knowledge was intentionally turning that off.  In place of that checkbox, TLS now has a "Fix sticky stats" option, which removes the permanent long range, can't crit, and superweak to fire/ice properties that are present in vanilla.  The superweakness only comes up if you obtain the Adamant armor, but the others have a pretty noticeable impact on normal gameplay.

There are a few fixes to TLS itself, most notably that the Automatic File Name feature now works sensibly.  It will ask you which folder you would like the automatically named seeds to be placed into, or otherwise it will default to the desktop.

As always, grab it from the Google Drive folder:

In other news, I'll be streaming the development of the procedurally generated equipment feature later today, starting at 3:00 EST on  I hope to see you there!

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