Monday, July 14, 3017


The Lunarian Shuffle is a game randomizer that will take in a FF2US v1.1 ROM and turn it into a brand new strategic challenge!

The following aspects of the game are randomized, within reason:
  • Which character corresponds to whom.
  • Which items are sold in which shops.
  • Which items are found in which chests.
  • Which level each character learns each spell.
  • Which equipment each character is wearing when they join the party. 
  • Optionally, each character may inherit its abilities and magic from another character.
  • Optionally, each character may inherit its list of permitted equipment from another character. 
  • Optionally, each weapon and armor in the game can be randomly generated!
  • Optionally, your party can be reshuffled each time you win a battle!
Also, the extra combat commands and the extra combat consumable items found in the "Hard Type" version of the game have been restored, and I have optionally included Golbez as a playable character.

The goals are not randomized - enemies, bosses, and dungeon layouts are the same as in the original.  Your task with each playthrough is to plan ahead regarding what equipment to hunt down and how many levels to earn for which characters in order to survive the upcoming challenges with the parties that will be present for each fight.

More detailed information is on the left panel of the program itself.

Get The Lunarian Shuffle here!
If you have difficulty installing, refer to the Readme document.

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- Crow!


  1. I downloaded the .exe file but it will not run what software do I need to run it?

    1. You need Microsoft Windows, and the .NET framework that is built in to it. You can play the ROM you create on any emulator, but actually creating the ROM must be done on Windows.

    2. Maybe your Playable Golbez Sprites for the Final Fantasy IV Lunarian Shuffle can help Fedorajoe with his Playable Golbez Edition hack. You can talk to the guy who created the Playable Golbez Edition Hack of Final Fantasy IV about the Golbez Sprites including the menu sprite.

  2. Also, I'd suggest you make Golbez's victory pose become a palette swap of Paladin Cecil's victory pose! That's my suggestion anyway.