Monday, July 14, 3017


The Lunarian Shuffle is a game randomizer that will take in a FF2US v1.1 ROM and turn it into a brand new strategic challenge!

The following aspects of the game are randomized, within reason:
  • Which character corresponds to whom.
  • Which items are sold in which shops.
  • Which items are found in which chests.
  • Which level each character learns each spell.
  • Which equipment each character is wearing when they join the party. 
  • Optionally, each character may inherit its abilities and magic from another character.
  • Optionally, each character may inherit its list of permitted equipment from another character. 
  • Optionally, each weapon and armor in the game can be randomly generated!
  • Optionally, your party can be reshuffled each time you win a battle!
Also, the extra combat commands and the extra combat consumable items found in the "Hard Type" version of the game have been restored, and I have optionally included Golbez as a playable character.

The goals are not randomized - enemies, bosses, and dungeon layouts are the same as in the original.  Your task with each playthrough is to plan ahead regarding what equipment to hunt down and how many levels to earn for which characters in order to survive the upcoming challenges with the parties that will be present for each fight.

More detailed information is on the left panel of the program itself.

Get The Lunarian Shuffle here!
If you have difficulty installing, refer to the Readme document.

Want to talk about The Lunarian Shuffle?  We have a Discord server here:

Making a good randomizer is a lot of work!  If you would like to thank me for this project, and especially if you would like to see me create similar projects in the future, please donate (and leave a message, if you like!) here:

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- Crow!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

TLS Updated! v1.136 is now live.

Hello, Lunarian Shufflers!

There has been a minor update to TLS.  The change list is below, mainly focusing on bug fixes.  One new feature, though, is that when randomized equipment is active, the game will now randomize the Avenger as well!

One thing I'd like to highlight is that if you randomize equipment permissions, TLS for some time now has been supposed to grant characters with the Karate and Ninja equipment styles a higher than normal likelihood of being ambidextrous.  However, that system wasn't actually working.  The fact that it now actually does will make those equipment sets a lot better than they were before, at least on average.

Also: the PC version might require existing installations of TLS to be removed before this version will be installed.
As always, get the latest version here:

Change log:

  • Added the Avenger to the items randomized by the equipment randomization option.
    • It will always be 2-handed, and its stats will always be physically oriented.
  • Restored proper stat bonuses for the Legend and Excalbur swords when randomized equipment is active.
  • When equipment permissions are shuffled, made Karate and Ninja style equipment wielders actually have a higher likelihood of being ambidextrous than characters at large.  The code that allegedly did that before didn’t work.
  • Fixed a  bug where, with shortened cutscenes active, instances of item #1 were being removed at the game’s start, potentially stripping the main character’s weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons that were supposed to be guaranteed an element (such as Air for arrows) were not getting that element when equipment randomization was active.
  • Mitigated a graphical issue where the 2 handed equipment error message (which doesn’t even work correctly in vanilla anyway) would interact strangely with the modified equipment screen.

Have fun,

Monday, February 10, 2020

Quality of Life Update! TLS v1.134 is now live.

Hey guys!

I've got a small update to the Lunarian Shuffle. Most of these changes are things I've been sitting on for a while now, intending to release them alongside the next major release, which will feature randomized dungeon layouts as well as an ancient cave style alternate game mode. Unfortunately, development on that feature has stalled out a bit, so I thought I'd get these changes finalized and into your hands.

Change Log:
  • Added the long-requested ability to dash on the overworld!
  • Added a new check box for randomization options called “Rarer Encounters.”  It makes battles much less common (effectively, you have to “encounter” 6 fights before the game actually makes you fight one), but also makes those fights much slower to run away from.
  • Removed the “Match Music To Characters” check box.  That option is now always active.
  • Fixed a glitch in randomized equipment generation where equipment that hurt your agility or strength would automatically qualify to be given the Headband icon instead of a normal hat one.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Feature improvement release 1.133 now live!

Hey guys,

I've just released the newest TLS version.  The focus of this release is improving the randomized equipment feature, now that we know a bit more about its abilities and limitations.  I had to hack the game to make it more flexible than it was, but I think it was worth it!  Equipment should start giving the player more compelling choices even in the early game, while still progressing to better gear in the late game.

Also included are a couple hacks that are looking forward to the next big TLS feature: randomized dungeon layouts.  That will only come out once v1.140 is ready, and we are still about a month away from that, in my current estimate.  However, some groundwork is already being laid for code I'll need to make that work.

One final teaser before I just list the change log: once I finish randomized dungeon layouts, I intend to make an "Ancient Cave" style game mode where the player traverses through a long chain of random dungeons until they defeat a final boss!  The Lunarian Shuffle has always had a problem that it takes too long to complete in a single sitting, but a game mode like this could make a shorter, more streamer or racer friendly experience.


[EDIT: This post originally indicated the Windows version only was released; since then the Android build has been added as well!]

Change log:
  • Implemented various improvements and bugfixes to the randomized equipment generation routine. In general, early game equipment should be more interesting, while still leaving room for mid and late game gear to be better as well.
  • Relatedly, added a patch, active when randomized equipment is on, that allows equipment more flexibility in what sorts of stat bonuses and penalties they give.
    • This does, unfortunately, require expanding the ROM.
  • Turning on debug / spoiler output will no longer disable specifying or identifying the RNG’s seed. Instead, turning on that output will change the results of randomization, such that someone can’t pretend to be playing blind when they did gain access to that information.
  • When Hard Mode is off, the randomizer will now check whether it thinks you have access to the Life spell for Valvalis and the end game, as well as whether it thinks you have a way to heal your characters in between battles for Rubicante and the end game, and will add Life and Cure2 potions to shops as necessary if not.
  • Added a patch by Aexoden that fixes the glitch that prevented characters from learning spells from different schools of magic in the same level up. This gives FuSoYa especially a little more flexibility in which levels his spells can be learned.
  • Added a patch to mitigate the 64-floor glitch. Now, if you go more than 64 floors deep, the game will forget the oldest non-overworld destination in the “return stack” but otherwise proceed normally.
    • TL;DR: Warp does what it’s supposed to, unless you cast it 63 times, then it leaves the dungeon, no matter what.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Bugfix release v1.132 now out

Another bugfix release is now out.  v1.132 resolves two issues that affected adult Rydias in non-rejoining character positions.  It also fixes a textbox mix-up between the Pale Dim and Plague rewards.

In other news, if you haven't already voted in this straw poll regarding possible new features for The Lunarian Shuffle going forward, please do!  Not everything can get in, and it's not a strict democracy (some features require a lot more work than others), but I value knowing which things people are more interested in me trying to get working.

Have fun,

Monday, May 6, 2019

Bugfix release: TLS version 1.131 is now current

There was a somewhat serious bug that affected yesterday's release which gave all returning characters the Dark Knight ability set upon returning if the Ability Shuffle feature was not activated.  Version 1.131, now available, fixes that bug.


Saturday, May 4, 2019

Randomized equipment is here! The Lunarian Shuffle v1.130 is live!

Hello, FFIV fans.  The wait is over - the first official release of The Lunarian Shuffle that has randomized equipment is here!

The Lunarian Shuffle v1.130 has a feature that, when selected, creates brand new equipment for the game!  TLS will also attempt to give the new equipment reasonable names - in the above picture, for example, the Cure2 staff will definitely cast Cure2 when used as an item in the battle, and the Headband must be an item that provides a strength boost and charm immunity.  When it cannot find, or just chooses not to use, an appropriate name in its database, it will mash together some random letters, like the Sgehqif ring above.

The focus of The Lunarian Shuffle is to make sure that, with each playthrough of the game, the player has to devise brand new strategies to handle each dungeon and boss.  With this new feature, the player gets to make complicated decisions about every single treasure found.  Do you want to use the robe that boosts your healing, or the one that has high defense?  Is it worth it to keep your otherwise outdated sword that inflicts 4x damage to Dragons?  Does that Power headband give enough extra strength to justify switching your FuSoYa out of his mage-y equipment to go berserk in the front lines?

There are some bug fixes and improvements, as well - the Ability Shuffle handles child Rydia better, the Yang and Edge equipment style characters are more likely to be ambidextrous in the Equipment Shuffle, and the names for party members showing up on the opposing side of the battlefield are randomly selected.

As always, get the new version from the Google Drive:

And if you have any questions, suggestions (especially for new names in the naming database!), or just want to chat, join our Discord server here:

Have fun,
- Crow!